Theresa AuCoin, M. Ed.

Certified Nutritional Counselor

Everybody deserves to be healthy and full of vitality.  Every BODY.  However, in order to be healthy in “today’s world” it is essential to become aware of many truths, which are often hidden behind advertisements, myths, and misleading and deceptive information.  I am passionate about uncovering and exposing these deceptions that are consistently flung at the public.  For one quick example, could there be something in 80% of the food you are eating that is actually chemically turning on your fat storage programs?  Yes!  Did you ASK for it to be put in your food?  NO!  Can you avoid it?  YES!  Go to ________________ to get these details and more!

With a Masters Degree in Education and a certification in Nutritional Counseling and as a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I find myself researching health issues, putting together presentations, lecturing and writing articles to empower everyone to become healthy, clear thinking, weight perfect, and full of energy!  Educating you results in Empowering you with knowledge and know how to become the healthiest you can be.  This allows you to Embrace your life’s journey so that you can follow your dreams and inspire those around you in many ways.  My passion has finally taken me right here where I ardently desire to make a positive difference in your life.

I have been honored to lecture at many Conferences on the topic of Gaining Great Health and Vitality.  Recently being featured in a new magazine called Live More was both exciting and wonderful.  Please see the article HERE on the website.  Hopefully this article will inspire and influence many to start taking charge of their better health!

I’m blessed to have a life partner, my husband of over 40 years now, Frank AuCoin, who supports me in all of my efforts to make a difference in your health.  For those of you who desire to improve the wealth side of your life, please visit  Frank has empowered so many to take control of their wealth building journey and I’m sure you can benefit also.  After all, we know how stress can affect our health, and being able to take away the financial stresses in life,  – being able to gain control of that, – definitely can make a huge positive affect on your health!  So go to Frank for WEALTH and please come to me for HEALTH!  What could be better?  You now have the resources you need for both wealth and health!

The purpose of this website is to provide to you, my friends, co-workers, clients, and the public at large, clear and simple information that will empower you all to truly be able to TAKE CHARGE of your health.

Please use this site as a constant source of:

1) important health information personal to you
2) critical news about the influence of government and  big corporations on your wellness
3) personal empowerment to gain your own health and vitality
4) communication with me and others to share your health experiences and learn from many

I so look forward to hearing about your own personal journey to new levels of exceptional health and vitality!