Weight Loss Tips
by Theresa AuCoin, M.Ed., CNC

Dropping unwanted pounds can be easier than you think.

Although counting calories is NOT at all the long term answer to you loosing the weight, the dangerous belly fat, and all the related health challenges that come with the extra weight; it IS enlightening to look at the math of weight loss first. Every pound of body fat is worth 3,500 calories. To lose one pound a week, you can either take in 500 calories less each day, or burn 500 calories each day through exercise, or better yet, do a combination of the two.

Below are some tips to both understand and to make achieving your desired weight both “do- able: and “keep-able.” In general, when we eat a “good for me diet,” and when we are active

most every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes, and when our hormones are in balance and when our thyroid is active at a healthy level, our bodies will automatically move toward the perfect weight. So keep in mind that these suggestions are not to JUST lose weight. These suggestions can help you become healthy, vibrant, resilient, clear minded, and happy.J

Before we begin, let’s keep in mind the calories in some not so healthy foods & drinks:

Burger King Cheeseburger – 305 calories 
 KFC Original Recipe Dinner – 830 calories
 Taco Bell Beef Burrito – 466 calories

FastFood (and most other) Salad Dressings are very HIGH in calories:
 Wendy’s Classic Ranch – 200 calories Burger King’s Ranch – 190 calories

Taco Bell Zesty – 200 calories
McDonald’s Newman’s Own Ranch – 170 calories

Alcoholic beverages are high in calories:
Miller Draft Beer – 143 Sam Adams Light – 124
Michelob – 155 5 oz. red wine – 106 white wine – 100

HOWEVER, once you are choosing HEALTHY foods, you can FORGET counting calories FOREVER! It’s not just the CALORIES in all those “not so healthy foods.” It’s the ADDITIVES, the imbalance of Omega oils in them, the lack of LIFE in them.” Once you are choosing HEALTHY live foods, your body and your taste buds will CRAVE them. Your fat storage systems will STOP storing unnecessarily when you are eating nutrient dense organic foods! Never DIET again! Never go around being HUNGRY again!


1. WATER: Start your day with a 12 – 16 oz. glass of water soon after you wake up and after your trip to the bathroom. Add a tablespoon or so of fresh lemon juice to REALLY get your organs jazzed! Make sure you drink enough water daily to equal half your body weight in ounces. Why? 1) Your body will not metabolize stored fat efficiently without enough water. 2) During weight loss, extra water is needed to flush out the excess waste shed by the metabolized fat. 3) Also, to reduce water retention, you must drink more water. 4) Another benefit of proper hydration is helping your body maintain proper muscle tone and keeping the skin  lear, healthy and resilient.

“…water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Although many people take it for granted, water may be the only true ‘magic potion’ for permanent weight
loss.” …Nutritional Consultant Program.

Keep water to drink with you all day and when you feel that hunger pang, drink 8 – 12 ounces of water. We have learned to misinterpret our thirst signal for hunger, so by drinking water when you THINK you are hungry will begin to properly hydrate your body, and will eliminate that hunger pang for a good while. After all, you are usually really thirsty when you feel hunger.

Instead of grabbing that soda, please drink water. This applies to regular sodas and diet sodas. Here’s why: When you substitute a glass of water for a regular soda twice a day, you are reducing your calories by 200 – 250. So there you go! If you are a soda drinker, doing JUST this daily will lead to losing a pound or so every 7 – 10 days. Diet sodas, by the way, are way worse. Not only do they cause weight gain because of the aspartame, you are also killing some of your brain cells resulting from the excitotoxin, aspartame. (see #4 & #5)

2. How is your DIGESTION? To gain the most benefit from the foods you eat and the supplements you take, digestion must be a priority. Taking both Digestive Enzymes and a Probiotic daily (prior to each meal) is a smart decision for everyone, not just those wanting to lose weight. It is a must for those wanting to shed pounds. Not metabolizing the nutrients you need will cause your hunger signal to tell you to eat constantly, because your body is crying out for needed and necessary nutrients.

Another point to know regarding good digestion is that we should chew our food much more – in fact, we should chew our food 30 times prior to swallowing. That takes practice!! But even slowing down to chew your food more than you are now, is a move in the right direction.

3. How is your hormone balance and how is your thyroid function? Find a respected “integrative” MD near you, or work with one long distance so you can address these two areas that not only affect your ability to properly metabolize fats, but can affect most every area of your health, or lack thereof. When it comes to your thyroid function, please know that blood tests rarely indicate low thyroid activity, yet many people, (many women in particular) do have low thyroid regardless of what their blood tests indicate. A good authority on Low Thyroid is Steven F. Hotze, MD.

4. Eliminate DIET SODAS if you EVER want to reach your desired weight. Here’s the REAL story of why diet sodas actually make people put on FAT: 1) When you consume artificial sweeteners (aspartame, etc.) they travel to your liver and your liver breaks down the aspartame into its toxic parts (phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol). This takes a lot of energy from your liver. So now your liver has LESS energy for fat burning and metabolism. This results in FAT STORING….not good. This excess fat can build up inside your liver cells leading to “fatty liver” and then it REALLY makes it VERY difficult to lose weight. 2) Artificial sweeteners cause unstable blood sugar levels. This actually increases your appetite and cravings for sweets/sugar. 3) Artificial sweeteners also cause fluid retention, and they increase cellulite. 4) Aspartame and similar artificial sweeteners are “excitotoxins” and actually excite some of your brain cells and then later those excited brain cells die.

5. AVOID TOTALLY: Artificial Sweeteners and MSG. Both are “excitotoxins” which kill brain cells; both are toxic and stress out your liver, causing your FAT STORAGE systems to turn on. MSG makes you noticeably hungry. It is in over 80% of the food products processed by man today, hidden under many other names for it including Hydrologized Vegetable Protein, natural flavorings, etc.

When you eat foods made by men in white coats, you can plan on seeing lots of men and women in white coats later in life. 🙂 See separate articles on Artificial Sweeteners and MSG.

6. Make sure you do not have any “food allergies” as these can contribute to weight problems in many ways. If you tend to easily retain weight, this may be a signal because your body will try to DELUTE the concentration of the offending material by storing excess water. Food allergies may diminish the body’s ability to burn fat. Find an integrative doctor who can recommend a food allergy specialist if you suspect that this may apply to you.

7. Avoid the “low fat” products. These are usually much higher in sugar & calories and are NOT healthier for you. You need lots of good healthy fats! The “Low Fat” marketing ploy has been debunked!

8. Reducing your animal protein intake to 5 – 10% of your total calories, going to a more plant based diet, will help you drop unwanted pounds. When you do eat animal protein, and this includes dairy, choose ORGANIC products, free of chemicals, artificial hormones, and antibiotics.

9. If you have Candida Albicans, which is VERY common on the traditional American diet, this will cause tremendous cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates, the very things that Candida feeds on. If you suspect you have Candida, get with your nutritional counselor for advice. See the article on Candida to give you a start.

10. Do a complete internal cleanse and complete detoxification program. The average healthy colon weighs about 5 pounds. Most people are lugging around 10 – 15 pounds of debris. (It’s documented that Elvis Presley had 60 pounds of toxic waste in his colon when he died.) This excess toxic material in your colon accumulates on the walls of the colon and forms a hard shell. It just gets thicker and thicker. It’s possible to lose many pounds by just getting rid of this build – up and you’ll enjoy a much flatter stomach afterwards too. There are many additional benefits to cleansing.

Also, since parasites can be another factor that slows down weight loss or even contributes to it, it’s important to address this. In Europe, it is common for people to do a “spring cleanse” and a “fall cleanse.” In North America we seem afraid to talk about parasites, but they are VERY common. Health food stores have some very effective cleansing products and programs. Be sure to get with your nutritional counselor for advice on this.

11. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks and ALWAYS take some with you when you are away from home. When we are in a hurry, when we are out and about, can be some of the most challenging times to stick to a healthy diet. So go shopping in your health food store and stock up on healthy organic snacks, most of which will not be in a box. Examples: apples, pears, bananas, berries, grapes, dried fruits, lots of different types of nuts and seeds, some raw, nut butters (sunflower seed, walnut, almond, etc.), crunchy easy to eat veggies (carrot sticks, celery sticks – and stuff some with your nut butters), flax seed corn chips, apple bran muffins, etc. etc. Always be PREPARED with healthy snacks nearby!

12. Eating – What to eat? Simply always make the BEST choices possible. Avoid white flour, (breads, etc.) white rice, white potatoes, processed foods, fast foods, junk food, sugar, sweets, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, processed meats, and table salt. Eat more fresh organic veggies, legumes, fruits, whole grains, brown rice, cold water fish (salmon), soy, nuts, and seeds in small amounts, and veggie juices.

When opting for animal products, (poultry, beef, eggs, etc.) always choose organic, free range, grass fed. Otherwise you are ingesting hormones which you do not need, antibiotics which you do not need, and many other chemicals you should want to avoid. Also, when you are consuming only the healthy animal products, you will be giving yourself the proper balance of Omega 3’s. Choosing traditionally raised animals results in a gross imbalance in Omega’s, giving you a huge amount of Omega 6’s which we get far too much of already. This increases INFLAMMATION and all the issues and diseases that are affected by inflammation. Omega 3’s turn down inflammation. Omega 6’s turn it up.

When you are eating out, be logical in your choices. Pay attention first to the amount of vegetables and/or salads you are ordering. Most people are so accustomed to building a meal around a piece of meat, that this takes some deliberate consideration. Order from the “Sides Options.” When you do order a meat, make sure it’s a healthier fat, like fish or skinless chicken breast. Avoid the breads and white potatoes. Whole grain rices, wild rices, and creamed cauliflower (1/4 the calories of mashed potatoes) are better choices. Consider splitting a meal with someone when eating out, or take 1⁄2 home with you for lunch the next day.

When you are at home, plan your meals heavy on the vegetable and salad side. There are great online menu guides for healthy meals low in calories. I like EatingWell.com .

Also, slow down and chew your food (30 times). You’ll likely feel full quicker and your food will digest better, allowing you to get more benefit from the nutrients you are consuming!

13. Oils: When cooking, use coconut oil for cooking at somewhat high temperatures; use grapes oil for cooking at the highest temperatures; use extra virgin olive oil for very lightly sautéing and for salad dressings and dips. Avoid margarines, and anything hydrogenated or partly –hydrogenated oils. Butter is healthy for you when it is organic and from free range grass fed organic cows.

14. Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.

15. Never NEVER skip breakfast (or any meal). Eat small meals throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism up. Make lunch your main meal instead of dinner.

16. Grocery Shopping Tips: Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Sit in the car first and eat one of those healthy snacks you brought with you! Make sure you have your list with you and you should spend most of the time in the produce section!

17. Movement is a must. Consistency in exercise pays HUGE benefits, even when it’s minimal. Just walking 20 – 30 minutes a day will give you so many benefits. Working it up to 45 minutes to an hour a day of briskly walking, or another aerobic type exercise, will increase your metabolism and use up calories. Also, include strength training at least twice a week. When you exercise (briskly walk) for 15 to 20 minutes prior to breakfast, enough to break a good sweat, you raise your metabolism ALL DAY!

From ShapeFit.com: Studies have estimated that for each pound of muscle that you add to your body, you burn an additional 35 to 50 calories per day. So, an extra 10 pounds of muscle will burn approximately 350 to 500 calories a day, or an extra pound of fat every 7 to 10 days, without making any other changes. In another study, researchers found that regular weight training boosts basal metabolic rate by about 15%. This is because muscle is ‘metabolically active’ and burns more calories than other body tissue even when you’re not moving.

When you are traveling, be sure to choose a hotel with a workout room so that you can get on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes while you watch the morning news on TV, or whatever you choose. Or if they have a pool, take a swim! Or if they have neither, put on your tennis shoes and start briskly walking



up and down the hallways or outside around the hotel. Soon you’ll have this as a habit and you’ll really MISS it when you cannot walk (or swim) 30 to 45 minutes a day. The good news is that lower intensity workouts actually burn a higher percentage of calories from fat than high intensity workouts! So enjoy shedding those fat calories just walking briskly every day!


Morning Routine:
Breaking the fast from no food or drink while you were sleeping is critical to keep your metabolism up. Skipping breakfast or any meal, while yes it reduces your caloric intake, it SLOWS down your metabolism because your body senses a pending period of fasting and it starts STORING FAT and slows down things to burn calories slower! That’s the OPPOSITE of what you want to in order to lose or even maintain proper weight!

So let’s look at an ideal morning routine.
Wake up.
Drink a large glass of filtered or spring water. (Add fresh lemon juice to really wake up your organs nicely and to help your body alkalize.)
Walk or exercise, raising your metabolism for the ENTIRE day!
Eat Breakfast.

BREAKFAST SUGGESTIONS – one of the following or something similar:

  1. Smoothie: Crushed ice, frozen berries (blueberries, or black berries, or cherries), water (or coconut or almond milk), scoop of greens powder, 1-2 TBSP healthy oil (Udo’s, Flax Oil, or Hemp Oil), TBSP ground flaxseed, scoop or plant based (not soy) Protein Powder (my favorite is Metabolic Maintenance Detox Vanilla – you can use my practitioner discount to order this and more – TheresaAuCoin.com – Supplements)
  2. Then add raw green veggies (kale, spinach, tops of carrots, tops of beets, parsley, cilantro, etc. – whatever you like & whatever you have on hand), stevia to sweeten to taste.
    Other additions to consider and to try:
    Avocado meat AND the seed (full of protein and antioxidants – just crack it first so it will blend)
 Raw egg (optional)Raw carrot, celery, 1/2 cucumber or other veggies in season
    More Greens (dandelion, bok choy, collard greens, etc.)
    The more RAW VEGGIES we consume daily, the healthier we will be because these are VERY NUTRIENT DENSE and LOW LOW CALORIE.
  3. Eggs – omelets (without pancake batter added); turkey sausage, no potatoes or bread
  4.  Egg – Huevos Rancheros; no potatoes or bread or corn
  5. Large Granny Smith Apple, 1-2 TBSP nut butter (almond butter, sun butter, etc.
  6. Steel cut oatmeal AFTER 2nd week, with real butter and stevia.

LUNCH & DINNER SUGGESTIONS – one of the following or something similar:

  1. Mixed greens salad with grilled chicken or salmon or other healthy fish.

Add as many fresh veggies as you like (cucumber, red pepper, etc.)

Dressing – Squeezed fresh lemon juice and / or vinegar & olive oil and / or vinaigrette. A healthy store bought dressing is Bragg’s Ginger or

2.  Small helping of chicken or turkey sandwich meat on or in a salad, creamed cauliflower, 2 helpings of sautéed or lightly steamed greens (spinach, kale, beans, peas, broccoli, collards, etc.)

3.   Grilled or broiled fish or chicken, brown rice or baked sweet potato or baked root veggie medley – squash, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, radishes, beets, shallots, onions, garlic, etc. – covered in olive oil and seasoned. Shake veggies & olive oil & seasonings together in plastic bag & bake.

SNACK SUGGESTIONS – carry some with you every day:

1) Healthy nuts and seeds. Peanuts are not healthy because they all contain mold. Consider raw almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, etc.
2) Granny Smith Apples – very low in sugars compared to other fruits and apples.
3) Healthy greens bars – but this needs to be only occasional – a few times a week at most
DESERT SUGGESTIONS – once or twice a week at most:
1) Dark Chocolate – 80% cacao
2) Frozen berries with 2 TBSP 1/2 & 1/2 creme
3) Bliss Balls (see recipe)

1) 1/2 your body weight in ounces of filtered or spring water daily. Alkalized water is a plus. None of the following suggestions replace this amount of pure water daily.
2) Perrier or Pellegrino sparkling water occasionally.
3) Green Tea offers many wonderful benefits, including providing an antioxidant that has been shown to increase thermogenesis, the process that helps convert calories into heat rather than store them as fat.
4) Cola replacement – If you are stuck on colas or other sodas, you may try ZEVIA sodas, which use stevia as the sweetener.

This information is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or cure for any disease, 
 mental or physical, and is not a substitute for regular medical care. Results can vary.